8 Ways Evolution Has Royally Screwed You Over

1. Its Responsible For Your Foot Fetish

It's not just Tarantino that gets hot for trotters, as studies show that feet are the most fetishised non-genital body part, with as many as 47% of those studied professing their flutterings for floor-fingers.

Due to its prevalence, there have been many theories put forwards as to why people are so sweet for feet. Freud thought it's because they look like dicks (because of course he did), whereas some think that it's got something to do with female empowerment (having somebody kiss your feet has long been a symbol of power).

One neuroscientist, possessing the excellent name Vilayanur S. Ramachandran, believes he has found the answer in the structure of our brains.

The areas of the brain that are associated with the genitals and the feet in the brains body image maps are actually cosied up next to each other. It's thought that this structural quirk could be at the root of foot fetishism when the wires become crossed and your feet and your giblets start talking to each other.

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