10 Best Cristiano Ronaldo Moments Ever

This boy knew far more than Nike could ever imagine.

Daniel Ochoa de Olza/AP

Discussing football these days requires every member of society to declare themselves as a Messi or a Ronaldo fan. Despite us being fortunate enough to live in an age where we have two of the most prolific talents ever to exist, we're still required to pick a side.

Democracy, eh?

As such, the Messi fans will always harp on about how the diminutive Argentine is completely unstoppable once the ball is firmly glued to his foot - something we can all admit - but when did you last see him power a header in from 18 yards above a 6"5' centre back? Never, that's when.

Cristiano Ronaldo is currently subject to a lot of media attention regarding his future, thanks to the media blurting out rumours of him wanting to leave Real Madrid due to tax avoidance accusations. Let's not focus on what could be, but rather take a look back on the Portuguese's glittering past, by looking over all the records he has broken and the achievements he has to his name.

What made the boy from Funchal quite so special in the first place?


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