10 Best Premier League Goal Celebrations Ever

The finest showboating in England's top flight!

Neal Simpson/EMPICS Sport

In theory, there can be few things less cool than the goal celebration. Fully grown men, staggeringly wealthy ones at that, grabbing at one another and fully losing control over having booted a ball into a net. For all that’s great about the game of football, goal celebrations, especially the pointed or tightly choreographed ones, are pretty silly.

Sometimes, though, the celebration can transcend the act of scoring itself. Sure, some wild demonstrations of glee come after particularly important goals - title deciders, perhaps, or a personal triumph over a foe.

But a goal doesn’t have to carry a great deal of meaning for the subsequent celebration to be memorable. There have been goals to snag meaningless draws, goals to cap off thumping wins, that will go down in history all because of the memorable celebration they facilitated.

Whether you’re the type to hammer the celebration button in a game of FIFA or if you see these hugging, crying adults as another sign that the game’s gone, the Premier League has produced some outstanding - sometimes outrageous celebrations that we’ll remember as fondly as any goal.


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