10 Biggest Brendan Rodgers Mistakes As Liverpool Manager

9. That Reality Show

Admittedly, this might not have been 100% the fault of Brendan Rodgers. Liverpool needed some positive PR in the light of Kenny Dalglish's sacking following his terrible response to Luis Suárez's racially-charged verbal volleys at Patrice Evra. Nobody was really on Anfield's side after this prolonged scandal and, really, that was sort of deserved. Why anybody thought a fly-on-the-wall documentary series about the newly-appointed Rodgers' first season in charge would placate things remains a mystery. Being: Liverpool aired in the UK, United States and Canada, meaning that the litany of truly embarrassing, shameful events therein made the team look a joke on both sides of the Atlantic. Mark Lawrenson rightfully said the series would have Bill Shankly €œturning in his grave€, and indeed it was Rodgers who came off worse in the documentary: hiring new-age gurus to coach the players' minds as well as bodies, looking a bit gormless, and keeping a portrait of himself in his kitchen. He lost even more respect in just about everyone's eyes.

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