10 Biggest Premier League Controversies

The biggest Premier League talking points without a ball even being kicked.

ACTION PLUS sports images/ActionPlus/Corbis

From Newcastle United throwing away a 12 point lead at the top in 1996 to Sergio Aguero's last-minute title winner in 2012, the Premier League has provided plenty of footballing drama down the years.

But it has also been a source for a whole different kind of drama, full of equally shocking twists and turns with nobody even kicking a ball.

A player attacking a rival fan can have more impact on a title chase in the long run than a defensive error. Some financial dodgy dealings can ruin a manager's reputation as easily as a shrewd bargain capture can make it. And, years later, fans are as likely to remember their star striker sinking his teeth into an opposing defender as they are him scoring a wonder goal.

Scandal and controversy are an essential part of what makes the Premier League so compelling. And, in almost thirty years since the league's inception, there have been plenty of juicy incidents to choose from.

Here are the ten most controversial Premier League moments that set tongues wagging amongst the pub pundits every bit as much as what's happening on the pitch.


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