10 Crazy Reasons Footballers Were SACKED By Their Club

10. Adil Rami - Missing Training Due To Being On A Reality TV Show

Antonio Calanni/AP

French centre back Adil Rami has had a quietly decent career during his 17 year run as a senior professional footballer.

Turning out for clubs such as Lille, Valencia, AC Milan, Sevilla and Marseille, Rami has never been short of potential employers in his time in the game. However, Rami isn't everyone's cup of tea and that much was clear during his time at Marseille, or more specifically towards the end of his spell there.

After missing training one day due to a supposed injury towards the end of the 2018-19 season, the defender went off to record an episode of the French reality TV show Fort Boyard without the club's permission. Needless to say, Marseille were less than pleased with his decision. It's also worth noting that the show involved the contestants performing highly physical stunts.

Rami was eventually sacked in August 2019 for 'gross misconduct' after his Fort Boyard adventure - despite the star claiming Marseille were fully aware of his appearance on the show - and he eventually moved on over to Turkey, where he made just one league appearance for Fenerbahce.

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