10 Football Players Who Were Nearly One Club Men

They just didn't know when to quit.

Paolo Lazzeroni/AP

A one-club man is defined as a sportsperson who, well, spends their entire playing career at the same club.

It's pretty self-explanatory.

In a world of players being labelled as 'journeymen' or 'mercenaries' with ever-inflating wage packets found elsewhere, we rarely find a player that is willing to dedicate what can be an 18-year career to the same team.

While few players can claim this title - including Tony Adams, Carles Puyol, Francesco Totti and Ryan Giggs - some fall just narrowly short.

It could be that their ageing legs were no longer serviceable to maintain the standards of their club, or they always had a secret yearning to play for a specific club. Maybe they couldn't pull their eyes away from one final pay-packet. In the more upsetting cases, some were simply not ready to accept that their playing days were over.

Players that were loaned out before the age of 22 for the sake of development will not be included. For example, Philipp Lahm had a two-year loan with Stuttgart between the ages of 19 and 21 but was always on Bayern's books.

With the rules established, let's get into it.


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