10 Footballers You Won't Believe Have A Premier League Winners Medal

'Son, did I tell you about that time I won the Premier League?'

Mike Egerton/EMPICS Sport

The Premier League is the behemoth of the footballing world when it comes to the domestic game.

Over the years, the powers that be have built England's top division into a money-spinning giant of world football. It's a place where players the world over aim to get to at some point in their careers, and over the years we have seen a plethora of talent land on English shores.

Of course, landing top spot is the ultimate crowning glory for teams competing at the top level of English football. Of the 49 teams to have played a game in the Premier League, only six have actually managed to get their hands on the famous trophy.

Teams like Leicester City and Blackburn Rovers bucked the trend with their title wins, while Chelsea, Man City, and Arsenal have all got multiple wins to their name while still falling well behind Man United's 13 titles.

Within those title-winning teams, we have seen some all-time greats lift the famous trophy, with the likes of Ryan Giggs, Thierry Henry, and Didier Drogba just a handful of names who jump out.

However, there are also those players who hardly contributed at all, players who are sat with a proud Premier League winners medal around their necks despite offering very little to the cause...


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