10 Hardest Players In English Premier League History

There's football crazy but these lot are just genuinely mad.

Barry Coombs/EMPICS Sport

In 1992, the world seemed to be going into a transitional phase, leaving behind the Hall & Oates-esque hairstyles, overgrown moustaches and other questionable choices that became standard in the decade that preceded. Unlike these silly trends though, one thing that would go on to stand the test of time would be our nation's most beloved national sport - but it too was evidently subject to change along with the times too.

Gone was the uninspired and monotonously worded name of the Football League First Division and in its stead the rebranding of the Barclay's Premier League began to take shape. With this change taking place it'd be fair to concur that not one person suspected it would've brought a truck load of lunatics along with it, unexpectedly succeeding in this subject with flying colours and probably a few flying headbutts to go with it.

Some players were maliciously nasty by nature, gaining such notoriety from their performances alone that they've inexplicably painted themselves in a light reminiscent of a pantomime villain. So, in lieu of these antagonists we've decided to get together a portfolio of the worst offenders and put them into a line-up - a concept some of them may already be familiar with.

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