10 Heaviest NFL Players Of All Time

You won't believe how much these sportsmen weighed.

To many on the European side of the Atlantic, the NFL is nothing more than a pile of overweight Americans, wearing body-armour, fighting each other for a rugby ball. Obviously that isn't the case, with far more intricate plays, moves and tactics than pretty much any sport in the world. The league is a statistician's dream. But the beauty of American Football is based on the foundations of strength, and sheer size. Logic tells us that the bigger the man, the harder he is to move, making big defensive linemen an increasing necessity. With thousands upon thousands of players across America vying for a spot in one of just 32 NFL teams, every player must stand out in some way, or in the case of these guys, some shape or form. We can sit in awe watching Manning and Brady go head-to-head exchanging missiles across the trenches, but a good defensive game is also an art form, with some huge guys quite literally taking up space along the line. To put into perspective how monstrous these guys are, Vince Wilfork (pictured above) doesn't even come close to breaching the top 10 heaviest NFL players of all time, but let's have a look who has made it...
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