10 MMA Fights That Changed The Business

Some fights build companies, others destroy them.

One of the most appealing characteristics of Mixed Martial Arts is the dynamics of it. In boxing all a fighter can do is punch. Jiu Jitsu is mostly grappling and submission. Wrestling is only grappling. Kick boxing gets a little crazier and allows the feet to fly, but MMA encompasses everything into one encounter where any combination of limbs and phalanges could spell doom for a fighter € or even an entire company.

Equally as dynamic as the fighting is the way in which fights and fighters are promoted. Sometimes a fight is promoted as the greatest combat spectacle of all time with both fighters bleeding, sweating, and crying to the point that everybody wins, and Dana White goes to sleep in a hot tub full of Playboy Models and money. Other times, James Toney falls over like a turtle because of an ankle pick and taps to an Arm Triangle.

For better or worse, these are the 10 MMA Fights That Changed the Business€

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