10 Most Unique Sports You Won't Believe Exist

Whether it's on horseback, in pantaloons or on a pole these are sports you should see at least once.

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Sport: the athletic pursuits. That thing you could do if you really wanted to, it just looks lame and hey, e-athletes make good money anyway, shut up. Football, rugby, that American football, tennis, that Australian football, we seem obsessed with the infinite intricacies of sport: the minutiae, the grandeur that can turn 22 people playing with a ball into a cash giant with higher revenues than some nations' GDP.

That being said, we do seem to limit our view to a very small sample of the truly amazing and mad things mankind has devised for recreation.

Our very definition of sport may vary its all a matter of perspective one man's epic struggle between two forces in a battle of stoic calm in the face of overwhelming pressure, is another man's darts. And just because certain events don't follow a fixed schedule or take place in an arena of may very well have no set of recognisable rules doesn't mean it's not truely a sport.

10. Sepak Takraw

Who loves a Pele kick? Trick question, everyone loves a Pele kick. Whether it be from a pro wrestler like Finn Balor or AJ Styles or indeed from a footballer like...I can't think of one football player who's ever done a Pele kick. Well, what if there was a game that was about 75% Pele kicks? Turns out there is.

Sepak Takraw originates from Malaysia sometime in the 15th century, although several countries do actually claim to be the originator. The game is played on a court similar to a badminton court and is fairly similar to badminton with a few key differences, namely that there are three players on each team, the shuttlecock is a ball that looks like a compacted wicker chair, you can't use your arms and the rackets don't exist. Aside from that it's virtually identical.

Sepak Takraw is massive in South East Asia and watching it you do get a kind of gentle vibe from the game that the opponents are not there to be defeated, but to assist in what can look more like a well choreographed dance, with a net.

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