10 Reasons You SHOULD Care About Super Bowl LIV

These things have made it to #54, so they must be doing something right!


There's something happening this Sunday in Miami; the next annual instalment of what some refer to as the single greatest sporting contest on Earth.

No, it's not the World Cup Final, World Series, or even the World Doubles Squash Championships. This event, in some circles, is significantly more important: it's the Super Bowl!

The championship game of the National Football League is upon us, representing the grandest stage of American football. On an annual basis, this game dominates American culture to an extent only rivalled by the moon landing, or a hypothetical alien invasion.

Unlike aliens however, Super Bowl LIV (or 54) is imminent, as the Kansas City Chiefs and San Francisco 49ers prepare to determine which of them will be crowned undisputed champions of the world (yes, the world).

But why should that matter to you, you might ask? After all, you don't know your quarterbacks from your quarter pounders. What's so great about this "football", or more appropriately, "handegg" sport anyway?

In fact, this year's game is well worth the three hours or so of your time it'll take to watch it. This matchup is so dynamic, so full of star power, with such high stakes for the legacy of the sport going forward, that you simply can't afford to miss it.

Here are ten reasons that this grand spectacle will be the best thing you've seen all year, and one that'll easily make an NFL fan of you yet...

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