10 Retired Footballers Who Went Out In Style

If you've got to go out, then go out with a bang.

© HO/Reuters/Corbis

The football career is a strange one. There aren't many other professions where you can retire by the age of 32 and, if you manage your money correctly, be set for life.

Many players go chasing the final paycheck or can't resist continuing their careers, moving to faraway countries or slipping further down the footballing pyramids before retiring relatively quietly.

Not this list of legends.

These players gave their all to the game and made sure their names will go down in history.

Despite the positive implications behind the word 'style', don't believe that everyone here retired in good graces.

Zidane is our thumbnail, after all, but more on that later.

By style, we refer to those with memorable final outings in the beautiful game. High scorelines, title wins, rival victories, red cards and heroic sendoffs can all be found here.

Similarly to your favourite action-movie hero, not everyone gets to go out in the way they necessarily wanted, or could ever have ever imagined. Football is impossible to predict and that is exactly why we love this game.

Whether leading their boyhood club to glory, or leaving their head on an opponent's chest, these players all bowed out with a bang.


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