10 Shocking Spurs Departures That Nobody Expected

He left?! We didn't see that coming...

Players come and go at Tottenham Hotspur like at no other club. The White Hart Lane side are always a hot topic in the press come the biannual transfer windows - and with good reason. Since the end of last season alone, Spurs have signed six new players, got rid of nineteen players on a permanent basis and loaned out twelve players (including one of the six they had just signed), so you can see why the press are always keen to focus on the club. The Lilywhites have signed some great players over the years and sold just as many - often to the disappoint of the Spurs fans and to the detriment to the team (see Gareth Bale's departure for an example of both) - and some of those departures came as something of a surprise. Whether it's because the players were loved, were still in their prime (or yet to reach it) or because of the nature of the transfer (perhaps they joined a rival unexpectedly), a large number of Spurs transfers have shocked the media and fans alike. In this article, we're going to take a look at those men who walked out or were pushed out of the doors at White Hart Lane much to the surprise of everyone. Here are ten shocking Spurs departures that nobody expected...

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