10 Sports Deaths That Were Caught On Tape

10 tragic cases when the worst happened at a sporting event and it was caught on camera.

Benny Paret1 With cameras recording just about every professional sports match from every angle possible, sooner or later they are going to catch something that went incredibly wrong and broadcast it into our homes, easily recorded for the rest of time. Professional athletes push their body to extremes and test the limits of the human condition. At times, this can lead to undue stress that their body simply cannot handle. Some sports involve high speeds, this includes racing sports, while others use high speed projectiles that can injure or kill both fans and athletes. Other times there are two people trained and conditioned to make their bodies into lethal weapons and then they fight each other. Then there are those times when there is a freak accident and things just go tragically wrong. When it comes to professional sports, there are so many dangerous elements that it seems like it is only a matter of time before something tragic happens. When they do, there are a select few that die while cameras are rolling. Sometimes these deaths are even broadcast live on television to a shocked audience. This is a list of 10 tragic cases when the worst happened at a sporting event and they were all captured on camera.

10. Tom Simpson Dies On Day One Of The Tour De France

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e4viqf-qL9I Tom Simpson was the captain of The Great Britain cycle team. In 1962, he finished sixth in the Tour de France and in 1965 he won a World Championship. In 1967 he competed in the Tour de France, after failing to complete the race the previous two years. In the 13th stage of the race, the cyclists had to ascend Mont Ventoux. The temperature at the time was a sweltering 129 F (54 C). At the start of the day, Simpson looked exhausted. He was pale and his features were drawn out. About 1.25 mi (2 km) away from the peak, Simpson started to wobble on his bike before falling off. It is rumored that Simpson whispered "put me back on my bike." However, Simpson never got back up after falling off for the final time. An investigation was performed and they found amphetamines in his blood system and more pills in his bag.
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