10 Summer 2017 Football Transfer Sagas We're Most Excited For

Just where does the future lie for Cristiano Ronaldo?

Real Madrid's Cristiano Ronaldo
Alberto Saiz/AP

Ah, Summer. A time for going outside, heading to the beach, hanging out in beer gardens with your friends, going to festivals, seizing the day. Or, if you're like me, staying inside and seeing which footballers are on the move, in big, daft, crazy money deals.

I mean, what better way is there to spend a glorious sunny day then refreshing Twitter and seeing if your team has finally signed that left back, that you've never heard of, but are now convinced is great because you've watched a YouTube video of him where he made a nice pass? You can't get sunburnt doing that, I can tell you!

There'll be a lot going on during this transfer window and here's ten of them that we'll be keeping a close eye on. However, I'm not mentioning Alexis Sanchez to wherever he's linking himself to now as it changes so often I'm, quite frankly, bored of it.

10. Dani Alves To Manchester City

Dani Alves Barcelona

With Bacary Sagna and Pablo Zabaletta out of the door, Pep Guardiola needs to freshen up his full backs. At 34, Dani Alves is hardly young but Pep may be eager to bring in a player he knows he can trust, due to the pair working together at Barcelona.

Who cares about his age anyway?! Despite a leg break, Alves was still putting younger opponents to shame with his flying wing back displays, during his time at Juventus. So if he's capable of still performing to a high level and bringing bags of experience with him, it's obvious why Guardiola would want to secure the signature of Alves. Having that kind of influence in the dressing room will be huge in big games where they're chasing titles both domestically and in Europe.

It's also worth noting that Man City are also looking to bring in Kyle Walker from Tottenham. So imagine how strong their options at right back would be with both Alves and Walker! Plus, Walker would benefit massively from working alongside Alves everyday on the training ground. It would be like a Obi Wan Kenobi and Luke Skywalker type of relationship. But instead of Jedi's, they're right backs and instead of Tatooine, they're in Manchester.

Both on and off the pitch, this could be a very shrewd signing for City.


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