10 Undefeated Streaks In Heavyweight Boxing 2013

Klitschko An undefeated streak means a lot in boxing, you only have to look at Floyd Mayweather box office revenue to see that an undefeated streak can be everything. Never being beaten by man is a good thing because it gives the boxer a sense of invincibility, however it can also bestow a massive burden on the boxers back. The Heavyweight boxing scene is screaming for new names at the moment with the Klitschko brothers dominating heavyweight boxing. These are the top ten undefeated boxers in the world. Enjoy.

10. Artur Szpilka 15-0-0

Szpilka Artur Szpilka is a former Polish cruiserweight champion with a nasty side to his fighting much like the Polish Andrew Golota back in the nineties. Szpilka was arrested at a weigh in for taking part in a football hooligan brawl whilst supporting his team Wisla Krakow. Szpilka has quick hands and knock out power and as a southpaw can be very unpredictable. His defensive skills leave something to be desired though, getting caught in a few of his fights have resulted in knockdowns namely his fight against David Saulsberry. His record shows a lot of journeyman however he is starting to take on more serious competitors, the best being Jameel McCline, a match which he won by unanimous decision in 2o12. Szpilka still has a long way to go and has a lot to learn but at the age of twenty four he still has a lot of time.
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