10 Underrated FIFA World Cup Moments

Get in the mood for football's return with classic World Cup moments.

Frank Augstein/AP

Vince McMahon and the Super Bowl might claim otherwise but the World Cup is undoubtedly the grandest stage of them. The biggest sporting competition on the planet, the World Cup captivates billions. It brings families together and can turn players into superstars overnight. Icons are born and hearts are broken with 32 teams entering and only one getting their hands on (a replica of) the famous Jules Rimet trophy. There are no medals for participation in elite sport.

If you're a football fan, you'll have plenty of moments that spring to mind at the mention of the World Cup. If you're not then it may be a solitary association. A moment that transcended sport and became a pop culture phenomenon, like Zinedine Zidane headbutting Marco Materazzi in 2006. Sure, there was a gap in the reference market for butts to the chest but we doubt Family Guy had that gag in mind before Zidane saw red and lashed out at the defender.

This list isn't about those moments. We're looking at the moments that had their day in the sun but should have endured for longer. We'll try not to pick too many from the same tournament and the list will largely focus on tournaments that took place in the 21st century.


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