11 Potential Inaugural Premier League Hall Of Fame Inductees

The Premier League Hall of Fame could be a showcase of immortal footballing talents.

Peter Wilcock/EMPICS Sport

Since it evolved from the English Division 1 in 1992, the Premier League has come to be one of the most recognised and prestigious leagues in all world football. The Premier League has hosted 49 teams since its conception and almost 4,000 players have appeared in the league. In all this time, the Premier League has been dominated by a select few individuals who are now remembered through history as true legends.

Earlier this week, the Premier League announced it will be opening the league's official Hall of Fame within the next few weeks. This of course has created a buzz of speculation among both English and international fans as to who the Hall of Fame's first two inductees could and should be. With so many iconic and memorable players stepping foot in the league over the past 28 seasons, narrowing down a list of potential all time greats is truly challenging.

With the first two inductees being announced on 19th March, this article will aim to highlight the eleven individuals who are most likely to be in contention for the coveted first spots in the Premier League Hall of Fame.


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