5 Fantasy Football Tips To Beat Your Friends In 19/20

4. Avoid Making Rash Decisions


You see it all too often and there's always at least one in your group of pals with an itchy trigger finger, but keeping patient and calm is key to doing well in the fantasy footy world.

It's so easy to give up hope on your players if they go one week without a goal, or your star defender concedes a late goal to sacrifice those all important clean-sheet points.

But sometimes, it's worth playing the long game and biding your time.

There's nothing worse than taking out your free-kick taking left-back after a 1-1 draw and no points on the board only to see him rattle in two goals and an assist the following week.

It's a tricky tactic to master and one what can be used in conjunction with those players who love their stats, but keeping the faith can go a long way over the course of the campaign.


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