5 Heavy Hitting Boxing Fights You Must Watch Before 2020

These match-ups are guaranteed to bring the fireworks early and end the year with a big bang!


There is no surprise that the biggest attraction in boxing is the heavyweights and hard hitters, who come out to put a show on for the fans with thunderous knockouts that leave us all gobsmacked.

The passion and excitement when two colossus-sized fighters come head to head and swing at each other gives a thrill of adrenaline that cannot be explained. In recent years boxing has been in the midst of fight fans clawing back at Rocky movies to get that edge of the seat action. Fights like Tyson Fury vs. Wilder and Andy Ruiz vs. Anthony Joshua have given fans hope that the golden age of boxing may be on the horizon.

The world-famous Klitschko brothers, Wladimir and Vitali, were an unbreakable wall in the heavyweight division and stood definite above all opposition. With a new generation of fighters coming through, like Anthony Joshua who knocked out the legend Wladimir Klitschko, it is once more a thrilling time for boxing fans to be a part of the sport.

We are currently in a new era of boxing and it is now time to get ready for some exciting match ups that are guaranteed to close the year strong.


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