5 Times Manchester City Got It Massively Wrong In The Transfer Market

Not everyone has turned out to be an Aguero or David Silva at the Etihad.

David Howarth/EMPICS Sport

There's much to be admired about what Manchester City have done since the Abu Dhabi United Group took control of the club back in 2008.

While some will point to the vast amounts of money spent as a way of simply buying the Premier League title, City have worked wonders off the field too and are more or less a self-sustainable club now despite their billionaire ownership.

City have splashed the cash to the tune of over £1bn since their takeover, with some of their signings such as Yaya Toure, Sergio Aguero and David Silva going on to achieve legendary status within the club.

However, it's not all been plain sailing for the club in the transfer market, and for every roaring success like Aguero there have players who have simply failed to live up to the hype, costing City millions in the process.

It's a skill in itself to manage the transfer market well but having more or less unlimited funds means there is a whole new element to that market management given the temptation to simply spend without worry.

City have done well in the main, but there's a small group of players who those within the club will openly admit were bad purchases.


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