5 Ups & 3 Downs From NFL 2019 Live At Wembley

A must-see occasion in London that needed a must-see game from the NFL...

NFL Bengals Rams UK

Following two games at Tottenham Hotspurs' new stadium (Chicago Bears at Oakland Raiders and Carolina Panthers at Tampa Bay Buccaneers), the NFL brought more American football fun to London this past Sunday night. There, Super Bowl LIII losers the LA Rams met a team in dire need of a win, the barely-purring Cincinnati Bengals.

This was the first of two match-ups scheduled for Wembley Stadium (the second being the Houston Texans at Jacksonville Jaguars on 3 November), and it was a first ever NFL experience for your writer. So, with a few pints warming the bones on a chilly English night and the sultry promise of footy unlike anything he'd ever seen before, it was time to take one's seat in the famous stadium and watch Zac Taylor's defence try to cope with Sean McVay's hungry offensive line on unfamiliar soil.

It was a day of ups and downs, not least with the weather, and it was clear the NFL want to make these UK trips more than 60 minutes of on-field action. Here are all the positives and negatives from a day spent soaking up every inch of NFL goodness, and dealing with some disappointments along the way...

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