5 Worst Premier League Transfers This Summer (So Far)

Over-rated, over-priced and over-the-hill.


To any self-respecting football fan, the football-barren summer months are a wasteland of endurance as inferior sports are paraded out in the parks, exhibited across green spaces, demonstrated on a baffling array of pitches and advertised on our television screens. The only glimmer of an oasis in the mirage of these peculiar summer sports is the transfer of one players' Football Association registration from one club to another, or as Jim White calls it: The Transfer Window.

Never-the-less, a bit of money is actually exchanged in return for a player to kick a ball in a different coloured shirt, a few zeros are taken off one spreadsheet and added to another, press conferences are called and platitudes are spouted by the incoming media trained drone/professional footballer. 

This is all very exciting for fans during the summer malaise, if bragging rights and mockery can't be had over actual results & performances, then transfer signings are the next best thing & here is a list of the big Premier League transfers that are most likely to bring joy to every fan in the league, other than the ones of the club they've signed for.


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