6 Tactical Changes To Save Chelsea's Season

Mourinho must find a way to reset the Blues league title defence

Steven Paston/Press Association

At Cobham, Jose Mourinho closes the door to his office and slumps in his chair, fearing the worst. His team look great in training but that would lull weaker managers into a false sense of security. Falcao scored twice with not a hair out of place, Terry was imperious in their usual 5-a-side session. He asks himself, "What am I not seeing?".

Jose's phone vibrates. It's an email from the FA about his post-match comments after the home defeat to Southampton. Great.

While he is the best manager the Blues have ever in football sentimentality is for the history books and, currently hovering above the relegation zone after eight games, Chelsea's season has run aground. 

It's not yet the spectacular fall from grace Leeds United experienced in 2004 nor is it the arid ten-year trophy drought that forced Liverpool to hit the panic button and give Brendan the boot - but it is disastrous form.

The Curse of Eva Carneiro would make a great headline but the solutions are easier than having to climb atop a mountain and sacrifice Branislav Ivanovic.

Here are six tactical changes to save Chelsea's season.


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