6 Ups & 4 Downs From Premier League 2019/20 Week 2

Hat trick heroes, second half fight, Adrian's nightmare and the perils of VAR...

Premier League

The second weekend of Premier League action is officially over, but not before treating footy fans everywhere to a few remarkable moments.

10 matches in week two boasted 25 goals, and there would've been more had it not been for recent technological changes. Oh yes, VAR is a huge talking point early on. Don't expect that to change; the new-fangled addition of Video Assistant Referee(ing) threatens to alter how fans react to the ball hitting the back of the net.

Was it all doom and gloom? In a word, no. Technically, VAR continues to be correct, though try telling that to anyone who, perhaps rightly, bemoans the lack of immediacy in a game that relies on it. If nothing else, at least retrospective reffing didn't totally dominate proceedings away from the Etihad. Strikers at Norwich, Arsenal and Liverpool were too busy banging in the goals for that.

So, 25 goals, an absolute crap ton of drama and enough talking points to make Match Of The Day pundits hoarse. If the opening weekend was joyous purely for the fact that football was back on telly, then week two proved that this could be another rollercoaster season of top flight fun and games...

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