7 Things Conor McGregor Could Do Next

6. Long Awaited Donald Cerrone Fight

Julie Jacobson/AP/Press Association Images

Ever since Donald Cerrone impressively submitted Mike Perry in the first round of their UFC FN 139 bout earlier this year, there has been speculation as to who the Ohio-native could fight next. In a post-match interview after his win, Cerrone informed reporters that the UFC contacted him with a next possible opponent, referring to this secret-someone as "very exciting".

Shortly after refusing to reveal the man's identity, Cerrone took to social media claiming his potential opponent could be the highly controversial, Conor McGregor.

Going way back to just a little over three years ago at the UFC Go Big press conference, the two shared some choice words towards one another which could mean there is still some animosity between them. And while Dana White was quick to dismiss the probability of this fight, you can never know for sure when to trust the man.


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