8 Fictional Characters Who Should Definitely Get The England Manager's Job

You couldn't make up some of the things that England managers get up to, but these guys sure could!


The England manager's job is a position wrought with pressure, expectations, and stress. The nation's hopes and dreams are regularly channeled through one man and his squad of footballers, and the weight that the media place upon the manager's shoulders are sometimes all-too-much. England expects, after all.

Take Sam Allardyce. After just one game in charge of the Three Lions, Big Sam was shown the door after scandalous claims made in private, that saw the job demeaned, the team abandoned, and the fans divided.

Allardyce isn't the only one, either. Fans were pushed to their breaking point by lackluster performances under Roy Hodgson and his predecessor Fabio Capello, while the image of Steve McClaren and his umbrella as England crashed out of the Euro 2008 qualifying stages still lingers on in the minds of many.

In truth, the England job lends itself to some pretty dramatic and often comedic circumstances - from Sven Goran Eriksson's affairs to Glenn Hoddle's offensive remarks about the disabled, there never seems to be a dull day for the gaffer. Indeed, you couldn't make some of this stuff.

Except, you probably could. The exploits of an England manager go hand in hand with some of the absurd, ridiculous, and downright surreal things that some of our favourite fictional characters get up to, so here's a list of eight that could fit right in at Wembley, and how they'd handle the toughest job in English football...


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