8 Players Manchester City Could Sign This Summer

8. Paul Pogba

The Juventus midfielder would be the perfect replacement for Yaya Toure. Pogba is already familiar with Manchester, having joined the red side as a teenager, before heading to Juventus when his contract expired in 2012. The Frenchman's departure from Manchester United was not a happy one, and he recently described his time at United as a "holiday", so it is hard to imagine that Pogba would consider any allegiance to the reds if he were approached by United's noisy neighbours. Yaya Toure has struggled to find form this season, and there have been numerous hints that he sees his future away from the Etihad, no less the birthday cake incident... Whether or not Toure spends another season in England, Man City need to recruit a replacement for the 32 year old, and the youthful Pogba fits the bill. He is a powerful runner like Toure, his dribbling allows him to drive his side up the pitch like Toure, and he has an eye for goal like Toure. Pogba's size and stature also makes him a great aerial threat and helps him complete his defensive duties, which Toure does not seem as interested in doing anymore. Bringing Paul Pogba to Eastlands may cause City to break their transfer record, but you have to pay to get the best.

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