8 Potential Game Changers For Football In The Near Future

Forget Chicharito, these are the real Gamechangers.

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Usually in times of turmoil, football supporters look to the beautiful game for something solid, real and consistent. However, the coronavirus outbreak has stripped many supporters of their raison d’etre. For many, entire weeks are scheduled around Super Sundays, Monday Night Football and maybe even some Europa League action. What are avid supporters supposed to do now when using the bathroom, if they cannot scroll through transfer rumours?

Football isn’t just watching matches, it’s the Fantasy Football Leagues, transfer rumours, and endless drunken VAR debates. Arrigo Sacchi described football as the “most important of the least important things”, so although football is not a priority right now, its absence is overwhelming for those fans who spend hour upon hour refreshing football news feeds.

So, with no realm football news for fans and with various footballing associations and governing bodies posing potential restart dates for football, that even to the most optimistic fan seem far-fetched and idealistic, it might be worth considering how the world and football itself will look upon its much-awaited return. Football is always changing, but the next few months, or even years, could see drastic changes to the beautiful game.

The football we miss now, may not be the football that returns.

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