9 Sports That Should Be Olympic Events

In order to get rid of the post-Olympic blues, here are nine sports that should feature in future Olympics.

With the Paralympics officially over, and the long wait for Rio 2016 now in full swing, it€™s easy to feel as if the greatest summer of British sport is over. In order to get rid of the post-Olympic blues, here are ten sports that should feature in future Olympics.

9. Lacrosse

Originally a native American sport, Lacrosse has featured at the Olympics before, albeit in 1904 and 1908, when the only contestants were Canada, USA and Britain. Although primarily played in North America, the sport has grown massively at international level in recent years, with a record 29 nations competing in the 2010 men€™s world championship, and 16 countries competing in the 2009 women€™s world cup. With plenty of nations competing, and a healthy dose of energy and physicality, Lacrosse would be a certain crowd-pleaser at the Summer Olympics and, having no been present for over 100 years, is perhaps due another appearance.

8. Squash

With both tennis and badminton both counting as Olympic sports, squash remains the only major racquet sport to not have a place on the schedule. Narrowly beaten by gold and rugby 7s for inclusion in Rio 2016, squash enthusiasts have high hopes that their game will get a spot in the 2020 programme, which would be well overdue considering the fact that squash has featured in the Commonwealth, Asian and Pan-American games since the 1990s. It is also a surprisingly well represented sport, with countries such as Britain, Egypt, Botswana and Malaysia all having players ranked amongst the world€™s top 25.
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