All Formula One 2020 Liveries Ranked From Worst To Best

They can't go racing but they're still beautiful to behold.

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With the current global situation putting a stop to all sport around the world, Formula One fans have been left with a huge void that's been hard to fill.

That has been made worse by the fact that the cars that were meant to fill the 2020 grid are perhaps some of the best looking in recent years. Some teams have unveiled bold new artwork whilst others have improved upon their excellent deigns from last year. Overall it's been a great year for racing liveries.

It's unclear when F1 will go racing again but for now we can still admire and pass judgement over every team's 2020 livery.

10. Red Bull RB-16

I'm going to sum up this livery in one word: Boring.

Every year Red Bull tease that they will be updating their livery with something bold and striking and every year they revert to the same old boring design they've used since 2005. It's still a good looking livery though, the blue, yellow and red combination has always worked and the sponsors' logos blend in well. There's nothing wrong with it per say, but it's so unoriginal.

What makes it worse is that the concept designs they show off are a million times better then what we actually get, leaving everyone bitter and disappointed and that just not on.

But I guess energy drink sales come before beautiful looking cars. What a shame.

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