Best Premier League XI Of The Last Decade

Which players made our ultimate English Premier League team of the last ten years?

Scott Heppell/AP

It's been an incredible ten years of English Premier League action for those who tune in every week to watch their teams fight for the title. We've seen some of the world's best talent play in the EPL, gracing the game with their jaw-dropping skills, crunching tackles and goal-scoring tekkers and it's been an absolute pleasure to watch.

With the decade coming to an end and fans passionately debating who would make their Premier League team from this era, we've decided to do the hard work for you by picking the 11 finest footballers to tie up a pair of boots during this time.

From ridiculously pacy wingers who have turned defenders inside out with ease, to midfield generals who control the centre of the park as soon as the whistle blows, we've looked back through the history books and put together a team that will stand the test of time.

However, with so many incredible ballers from so many dominant teams to choose from and only 11 spots available, which players will we pick to make the grade for the team of the decade?

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