Djokovic vs Nadal - Match Report

2011 US Open - Day 15 Novak Djokovic defended his ATP World Tour Finals title against the world number one. Rafael Nadal has been in outstanding form all year but the big Serb was simply too good for him at the o2 Arena in their 39th career meeting. Players and pundits see the end of season championship as the biggest prize after the four Grand Slams so Djokovic will be especially happy to have beaten Nadal, who confirmed his world number one status by reaching the final. The Serb continued his excellent run of form, which has seen him take 22 straight wins, against an opponent who is never truly happy on a hard court, especially when it is indoors. Throughout the match Nadal didn€™t really look in the game, with Djokovic forcing him to run the full width of the court with every rally. Rarely could the Spaniard use his deadly forehand to great effect while Djokovic continued to mount pressure with a series of excellent shots early on. This, combined with four double faults, allowed him to break twice in the first set. The second set followed a similar pattern, with Nadal only taking two points from the Djokovic serve in the first four games. However he survived championship point and came back from 0-30 to make the Serb serve for the match, which he duly did to take his third title. It was an intense match but Djokovic put out a strong reminder to Nadal and the rest of the tour that he has not lost any quality this year and will be battling for major titles in 2014. Despite failing to win the championship for the first time it has still been somewhat of an unbelievable season for Nadal. After coming back from a major injury that might have ended his career, he has taken 10 titles including the French and US Open. With 13 Grand Slam titles to his name, at just 27 years of age, he could go on to eclipse Federer€™s current record of 17. Although the tournament missed one of its big four in Andy Murray it still proved to be exciting throughout. Roger Federer put in some fine displays and showed flashes of brilliance. Despite his relative lack of success this year it is clear that he can, on his day, provide a serious challenge to Nadal, Murray and Djokovic and is still a class above the rest of the tour. The o2 Arena once again provided a wonderful end to what has been a remarkable season of tennis. When the time comes in 2015 to decide where the ATP World Tour Finals should take place it will definitely be in the running to continue to host. Though Nadal would probably prefer somewhere with a clay court.
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