Every Premier League 2020/21 Home Kit Ranked!

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2021 KITS

Well thank goodness for that! After an agonising, Euro-less summer, football has at long last returned, a torturous three whole weeks after the Champions League final, and a scarcely bearable month and a half following the conclusion of the hampered 2019-20 season.

That's right: on 12 September, a brand new season of the richest and therefore Best League in the World™ resumes. Liverpool, three decades of, ahem, hurt consigned to one of Brendan Rodgers' envelopes, get the ball rolling as they look to defend their crown with a mouthwatering opening day tie against a similarly hurt-filing Leeds United, at long last back in the big time.

And of course, a brand new season means brand new shirts! Except this time, it doesn't: the complexities of kit contracts combined with last year's prolonged campaign meant that, through necessity, several teams ended Operation Restart in premature polyester. The novelty of spangly new nylon has been undermined somewhat, then, though you could argue in an era of circumstantially constrained crowdless football, this is perhaps a trivial complaint.

Especially as, with teams looking to detract from the silence of the stadiums, a number of them have turned up the loudness of their kits. From a shattered City to the barcode Baggies, here's how 2020/21's kits rack up.

20. Fulham

2021 KITS

Freshly promoted Craven Cottage club Fulham bring up the rear of this ranking by virtue of being - by some margin - the last club to furnish us with their heavily-branded, overpriced sportswear, agonisingly close to the big kick-off.

Even if it was the very epitome of sartorial sexiness, the anxiety produced by this tardiness would see it relegated to the bottom of the list (a realistic proposition for Cottagers on their Premier League return). As it happens, it isn't - though it is quite smart. The baroque emblem on the nape - supposedly symbolising the ironwork of Craven Cottage - is a nice touch. The huge gambling logo on the obverse is not.

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Editorial Team

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