Every Premier League Club's Most Surprising Celebrity Fan

Directors, drummers, and dictators all have favourite football teams.



The beautiful game.

Most of us can remember exactly where we were when we first found ourselves caught in the grasp of the sport. Perhaps it was walking through the turnstiles and getting that first glimpse of your home team's hallowed turf. Maybe it was coming together with your extended family to will on the national team from the comfort of your living room. Or it could be that you just needed a team to play as when your mate challenged you on FIFA...

Trust me, it happens.

Regardless, committing yourself to blindly and lovingly supporting your team through the highest of highs and most depressing of lows is an integral part of earning the right to call yourself a true football fan.

But it is not just us mere mortals who can find our emotional outlook for the coming week drastically altered pending Saturday's result. Celebrities of all kinds have been quick to show their support for the sport over the years. And while some celeb's club affiliations are hardly surprising, the Premier League's status as one of the elite showcases of the sport has led some pretty obscure celebrity fan followings over the years...


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