Fantasy Football - 7 Players From Promoted Teams Who Are Worth A Punt This Season

Wilder, Farke and Smith are out to show you it's not always about the top four.

Aston Villa

It's that time of year again where footy fans across the world don their managerial caps and try to prove their mates - and themselves - that they are the oracle of all things football.

That's right, it's time to settle on those formations, scoop up those bargains and plan your wildcard, as the fantasy football season gets underway this weekend.

An ever growing phenomenon with multiple platforms offering their own versions of game-play and ways to win, 'FF' as it can be commonly known as, arguably stresses fans out more than their actual team's displays.

Choosing between the big money players, umming and arring over what new recruits might make an immediate impact and scrutinising last season's form have become the norm for the average football fan in July and early August.

But it's not always about just agonising over those players at the very top, and sometimes it's more than worth taking a punt on players who have just proven themselves in the Championship.

This season sees the return to the Premier League of Sheffield United, Norwich City and Aston Villa, and there's plenty to choose from if you fancy taking your chances on some relative Premier League unknowns this season.


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