FIFA 20 Ultimate Team: 10 Most Overpowered Players To Buy

Looking for 'One Man Army' type player? Well, here is a list of players for you!

EA Sports/Wikimedia Commons

There is no surprise that speed (pace) is one of the main standout stats for FIFA 20 but there are other important stats within the game such as passing, dribbling, shooting and physical which makes a player whole.

Now many would consider pace and strength as being the two main stats for players to bulldozer past the opposition team but in FIFA 20 the script is not the same. Strength no longer plays a big part within the game as previous years and heading goals seem to have been nullified but key stats like passing, dribbling and defending are more important in FIFA 20 than any other FIFA before.

Here is a list of overpowered all-round players who have the ability to be a threat up front and a mastermind in midfield and defensive shield at the back, while possessing overall stats that will leave you gobsmacked. Also, key stats will be highlighted to best utilize the player to the best of his ability within the game.

Please note that Icons have not been included in this list, as this list comprises of players that you would most likely be able to purchase from transfer market yourself.

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