Floyd Mayweather Calls Out Manny Pacquiao On Twitter

Boxer takes a break from tweeting about how successful he is to offer The Pacman a May 5th bout.

If desire had anything to do with it, Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao would have already gone toe-to-toe across the canvas, but now Mayweather has explicitly confirmed his desire to make the match-up happen. The motor-mouthed boxer has used his Twitter account today to call out his potential opponent, and has even offered a date for the purse-busting fight... Punk? That's not very classy now is it? So, what does this mean? Will May 5th bring the dream, likely multi-million dollar making bout to reality? Well, nothing is definite, and this may well simply be a case of Mayweather using Team Pacquiao's apparently reluctant position to his own benefit to set up a different fight and still be able to fall back on these tweets as proof of his willingness to fight. One thing is certain: Mayweather will now believe that he has landed the first punch of any fight that does eventually happen, as fans will no doubt imagine any refusal of that date to be indication of Pacquaio's reluctance or fear to get in the ring with him. However, the fight will happen - perhaps closer to November yes, but it will happen. Personally, I'd love to see the fighters throw fists once and for all, rather than these outside-the-ring antics continuing, but the continued apparent reluctance of promoter Bob Arum, and the fact that Pacquiao looked far from invincible in his last fight may well mean May 5th comes and goes without the bell ringing on the bout. What do you think, boxing fans? Will the fight go ahead? And if so, who has the skills to come out victorious?

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