Floyd Mayweather vs Miguel Cotto: Live Updates As It Happened

Live text feed from all the world championship boxing action Las Vegas.

Mayweather vs Cotto as it Happened! Live text feed from all the world championship boxing action Las Vegas, Nevada. Floyd Money Mayweather and Miguel Cotto face off for Cotto's super welterweight world Championship. There is a stellar undercard including Sugar Shane Mosely vs Canelo Alvarez. Post and comments below, andtweet to @ChrisLloyd2012 GMT 0342 - So the time is finally upon us folks, an evening of world championship boxing live from Las Vegas. Chris Lloyd here bringing you all the action, blow by blow. GMT 0346 - with all the hype on the main event, it was almost totally lost in the midst that Sugar Shame Mosely and Canelo Alvarez face off over 12 rounds as part of a stellar under card. It really says something about the quality of the main event to this evening, that Mosely vs Alvarez is an undercard fit. GMT 0354 - Ok so far Alvarez has boxed well, spent much of the first round feeling Mosely out, landing some hard shots on the 40 year old Mosely in round 2-3. Mosely perhaps showing his age a little, certainly not the speed when he fought Mayweather back in 2010. A clash of head cuts Alvarez in round three, could be pivotal. GMT 0422 - So as we enter the last round, a certified classic has been witnessedbetween Alvarez and Mosely. Sugar Shane looked to have been outfoxed in the fist few rounds, but Mosely pulled out everything in the locker in an all out war. Alvarez is probably ahead, but not by much.mMosely has taken some huge shots well, showing Alvarez that at times, experience counts for as much as age. And now for the main event. GMT 0445 - Mayweather enters the ring first, unlike him,but in true celebrity style is having his belts carried by 50 cent and Justin Bieber. As you do. GMT 0452- the two square up to referee Tony Weeks instructions. GMT 0455 - Early speed and movement apparent from Mayweather, looks incredibly sharp. Round 1 - Cotto struggling with the early hand speed of Floyd, who had already landed jabs and uppercuts clean. Round 1 to Mayweather. GMT 0459 Round 2 - Mayweather starting the second as he finished the first. Cotto frustrated picks mayweather up and dumps him on the ropes. apologises and they continue.Mayweather darting in, landing the jab, ducking back out. Cotto bamboozled by the speed and early movement. Cotto pressures Mayweather on the ropes and lands a few to the body. Cotto cannot land clean, everytime he ties to get on the inside, Mayweather locks him up. round 2 to Mayweather. GMT 0503 - not much in the way of offence from Cotto in round 3, Mayweather picking his shots, slipping tfar jabs coming his way. Incredible how comfortable Floyd looks on the ropes, Cotto throwing everything at him, and Mayweather rolling shots as if it's training practice. Mayweather totally in control. Round 3 to Mayweather. GMT 0507 - Cotto still has no answers in round 4. Floyd is in complete control, turning up the pace and showing absolutely no signs of age. This is beginning to be a surgical dismantling of Miguel Cotto. This is as sharp as Mayweather has ever looked. GMT 0509 - Mayweather is landing roughly 5 times the power shots of Cotto. Round 4, emphatically, to Mayweather. GMT 0511 - Cotto starting aggressively in round 5. The two trading on the inside, Cotto hammering away, Mayweather looking comfortable with the onslaught, and popping shots back in return. better round from Cotto, still not getting much joy though. Cotto lands a solid left hook, Mayweater unhurt. GMT 0515 - Cotto having some joy, blood from the nose of Mayweather. Surely that's a first? A more difficult round for Mayweather, round 6 to Cotto. GMT 0517 - Mayweather looks slightly out of breath, has Cotto switched gears? This bout far from over. GMT 0519 - Mayweatheir taking command in round 7, can't afford another round like the last. Mayweather back in the centre of the ring, back in command, landing jabs and rights, single shots, at will. GMT 0521 - Cottotries to press Mayweather onto the ropes, but the American is too slippery. Round 7 to Mayweather. GMT 0523 - So far a boxing clinic from Mayweather, but when Cotto does land, it is apparent that his power and extra weight make themselves felt when, occasionally, he does land. Terrific pace of the fight. Who's fitness will wane first? GMT - 0526 - Cotto the busier fighter, Mayweather landing cleaner. Mayweather may have given that round away. When they fight on the ropes, Cotto more successful, when in the centre of the ring, Mayweather dominant. Round 7 Cotto. GMT - 0528 - Cotto is going to war with Mayweather, the crowdare getting behind him. Cotto pressuring the fight, he knows he can't outbox Floyd, perhaps he thinks he can outwork Mayweather. Great fight so far, these two areleaving everything in the ring. GMT - 0529 round 9- Another close round, to close to call, perhaps an even round, although the judges won't score it even. Mayweather clearly ahead, but Cotto by no means out of this. GMT 0531 - Good counter work from Mayweather in the early goings of round 10. It is apparent how much Cotto wants this, but I feel at this point he needs the knock out. Many weather standing in front of his man, teeing off with great single shots. These two said they were going to give the fans a great fight, they have not dissapointed. round 10 Mayweather. GMT 0534 - Round 11 begins. Both guys at the absolute peak of physical condition. Mayweather the fresher of the two, not by much. Plenty of movement, a lot of clinching, neither landing anything clinical. GMT 0536 - Floyd so good at grabbing a 10 second breather, locking Cotto up, then goes back to the middle of the ring, taking command. It is now all or nothing for Miguel Cotto. Round 11 Mayweather. GMT 0537 - Final round. Incredible respect between the two, Cotto has given a great account of himself, but Mayweather simply too good tonight. GMT 0538 - Too many tricks in the toolbox from Mayweather, picking shots, Cotto swinging, reckless and has been caught by Mayweather, Cotto is rocked, hangs on. This is all but Mayweathers fight. GMT 0541 - Mayweather just moving now, picking shots, then getting out of there, they will battle to the bell, but as the final bell sounds, Mayweather has surely won this bout in fine style. An amazing performance from these two men. As many thought, Mayweather was too slippery, too sharp, too accurate. Cotto did prove a worthy test, having some joy on the inside, but Floyd rolls shots in such a way that he doesn't take much clean.Michael Buffer stands by to go to the score cards. Mayweather wins. Score cards read 117-111 117-111 118-110 all in favour of Mayweather. Miguel Cotto is a hard to hit, durable fighter, so for Floyd to have picked his shots, particularly the uppercuts, was something special to behold. Cotto had his moments, but If Pacquiao is watching this, he won't be confident of a win against this imperious, undefeated fighter. Mayweather has made amends with Larry Merchant, good to see after last years fracas. Mayweather says 'Cotto tough competitor, I gave the fans what they want to see'. When asked how he will prepare for his prison term, Mayweather says that 'When June 1st comes, I just have to take it like a man, I am blessed and it comes with the territory'. Mayweather thanks the fans, says that he has tried to make the Pacquiao fight, but if he won't take the random blood and urine tests, the. The fight can't happen. No interview from Cotto, looks dejected and heads straight back to his dressing room. So what a night of boxing, and as Canelo Alvarez sounds the last knell for the career of Sugar Shane Mosely, Mayweather proves once again that he is the best pound for pound fighter on the planet. Cotto gave everything he had, but fell short of the speed, accuracy and total ringmanship of Flold Mayweather. Mayweather wins by unanimous decision to become crowed new super welterweight champion of the world and extend his unbeaten record to 43-0.
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