Formula 1: Red Bull Breeze To Canada Victory

formula 1 Taking Red Bull's first North American victory the man every one loves to hate cruised to a win in Canada ahead of Fernando Alonso and Lewis Hamilton. Booed on the podium Sebastian Vettel lapped all but the top five and finished by a healthy margin of 15 seconds over nearest rival Alonso. Starting from pole position he was rarely troubled by Hamilton and his only mis steps were a customary brush against the wall at turn four and a quick turn as lawn mower at turn one. The Mercedes man eventually finished third and team mate Rosberg was fifth behind Mark Webber. The result for Mercedes put the first nail in the coffin of any benefits of the private tyre test as Rosberg struggled with burnt out rears and was pressured through out. From third place on the grid Valtteri Bottas proved how woeful the Williams is in the dry as he plummeted to fourteenth place and showed that only in the wet can the car light up the track. However, no matter how bad it got for Williams, it was worse for McLaren - both cars finished out the points in a display that must have the team abandoning this year and looking to 2014 and potentially the first year of Honda power in '15. In almost a mirror image of Monaco two weeks previous Paul Di Resta was seemingly sabotaged by poor team judgement but gained 10 places to finish seventh as he made canny use of pit stops - his only stop was on lap 57 out of 70. If he can make better use of qualifying then he is a shoe in for a podium or even a victory if the Force India is still soft on it's tyres. These results on the points table mean Vettel now has a 36 point advantage over second placed Alonso who himself is 8 points ahead of Raikkonen on 96. In the Constructors Championship Red Bull have taken strong hold as they have a 66 point lead over Scuderia Ferrari on 201 points with Mercedes third with 134 points. The next Formula One race is the British Grand Prix at Silverstone on June 30.
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