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gary l Gary Lineker has yesterday quit Twitter, citing 'personal reasons'. The 51 year old 'Match of The Day' presenter left 1.3 million followers in dismay after announcing his decision in a tweet at around 7pm last night. The tweet was greeted with many replies of disappointment, including "it's been brilliant having you Gary", "shame to see you go" and "we will miss you Gary. your tweets were great value"Screen Shot 2013-01-19 at 11.23.20 The choice to quit the social media site even provoked one alarmed fan to pose the question: "eh? have you been hacked?". The decision also came as a shock to his son, George - who shares a striking resemblance to his father - tweeting in surprise: "you what?. The former England striker was renowned for his witty banter on the site and was adored by football fans, offering accurate footballing views and often the Match of The Day running orders - amongst other interesting personal opinions. Rumour has it that so-called internet 'trolls' are to blame for Lineker's actions. Only a few months ago his son, George, was subject to vile twitter abuse relating to his near-death experience with Leukemia as a baby. The culprit was later tracked down and named. The 'personal reasons' are still unclear and could surface in the next few days. Currently, Gary's tweets are yet to be fully deleted. You can find his account by searching @GaryLineker - or his son's, @GeorgeLineker.What's your view? Comment in the comments section below - or share via Facebook or Twitter.
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