How José Mourinho Is Killing Manchester United

The Red Devils cannot survive much more of this.

Mike Egerton/EMPICS Sport

Sir Bobby Charlton warned Manchester United about rebounding from the Louis Van Gaal fiasco by getting in bed with José Mourinho, but no one listened and now the Red Devils are stuck in another miserable relationship that quickly needs to end.

Sure, it started off well with a swift return to the Champions League by way of winning a silver pot with slightly more prestige than the Carabao Cup, yet after a torrid start to the 2018/19 Premier League campaign, the Mourinho-United liaison has become an unsalvageable mess.

As with Real Madrid and Chelsea, Mourinho is mostly to blame for yet another affair ending badly in the third year. Players have been blamed for not trying and the media has been accused of being disrespectful, but it’s Mourinho who has been killing Manchester United with his lone-wolf mentality, rash mouth, and outdated tactics that are anti-football.

By demanding respect for past achievements which have nothing to do with Manchester United, Mourinho has never understood the proud history and attacking philosophy which makes Old Trafford the home of the biggest football team in the world, and it’s about time the board step in and remove his grip from the club’s throat.

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