Liverpool's Loris Karius Sent To US Doctors With Concussion

'Keeper's holiday interrupted by hospital visit.

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Liverpool's Loris Karius has been diagnosed with concussion after being sent to Massachusetts General Hospital whilst holidaying in Boston.

Karius was referred to medical experts in the city last Thursday, just under a week after a pair of high profile errors by the German keeper effectively threw Liverpool's Champions League hopes away in the final against Real Madrid. The Spanish side ran out 3-1 winners in Kiev.

Hospital physiatrist Dr. Ross Zafonte noted that possible "visual spatial dysfunction [...] immediately following the event" may have led to "defecits [which] would affect performance."


The medical team also noted that Karius has shown consistent improvement since the occurrence of the injury, and is expected to make a full recovery.

During his ill-fated final on 26 May, the Reds stopper was involved in a collision with Sergio Ramos minutes before making the error which gifted Karim Benzema Real's opening goal. The Boston doctors did not comment on whether the coming together may have contributed towards the concussion.


Karius did not receive treatment for any apparent injury throughout the game, which was put to bed when a long-range Gareth Bale strike eluded the flailing 'keeper.

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