Liverpool Transfers: Raheem Sterling Second Man City Bid Rejected

Sky Blues may need to pay as much as £50 million to secure the winger's services.

Manchester City will have to try even harder if they want to see Raheem Sterling in sky blue next season, after Liverpool rejected a second bid for the unsettled winger. City have already had one £30 million offer for Sterling turned down, but came back with an improved £40 million package. However, according to Sky Sources (via TeamTalk), Liverpool remain firm on their valuation of the 20-year-old winger and are determined not to settle for anything less than £50 million.
It had previously been claimed that the second City approach was intended as a 'take it or leave it' offer, although it is now said that Liverpool do expect yet another proposal to come their way at some point in the next few weeks. City are rumoured to be desperate for young English talent as they look to meet tightening home-grown quotas, with Sterling seemingly a priority target. The Sky Blues have rarely given up so easily when chasing players in the past and may take some hope from fresh claims that Liverpool may yet begrudgingly settle for a proposal worth £45 million.
Sterling, who joined Liverpool as 15-year-old from QPR in 2010, has also drawn interest from Real Madrid and Bayern Munich, while Manchester United have allegedly made a tentative enquiry, which was instantly rebuffed.
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