Man City Transfers: Guardiola Wants £80m Pogba And £50m Stones

Exciting times could come again this summer.

With surprisingly little news coming out of Manchester this transfer window in terms of transfers, the biggest news on Man City fan's lips has been Pep Guardiola, as the manager was confirmed to be joining the club in the summer when he leaves Bayern Munich. And hot on the tail of that news comes a big indication of what City fans might be able to expect when he takes over control, with rumours that he wants to spend £130m shoring up City's defensive options for next season. According to the Mail, Guardiola wants to bring in £80m rated Paul Pogba from Juventus and £50m rated England defender John Stones from Everton. Clearly, money is not a problem for Man City - they're set to pay the Spaniard £300,000 a week - and that spending spree would be a major statement of intent as City look to make themselves a legitimate title force under the new boss. Thierry Henry spoke to Sky Sports to tell City fans to get ready for some exciting new players:
"If you're a City fan right now, you can dream about having some great players. Not only because it's a great club and you have the resources, but Pep Guardiola will be the guy to attract any player in the world. Maybe not Messi, but a lot of players who want to be coached by him. "There is one thing you can be sure of €” he wants to dominate. People associate his teams with the number of goals they score but his teams also don't concede a lot. He always wants to be on the front foot, having the ball, possession, and he wants to dominate. So well done, Manchester City."
Pogba would be the perfect answer to the flagging legs of Yaya Toure and John Stones would offer a hugely talented alternative to Vincent Kompany, who City have missed badly this season, especially away from home. Are you excited at the prospect of these moves? Share your thoughts below in the comments thread.
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