Man Utd Transfers: Should United Sell Juan Mata?

Falcao deal opens questions about Spaniards first team opportunities.

Though big-haired flop Marouane Fellaini tends to be used as the major indication of David Moyes' failure in the transfer market during his time at Manchester United, the decision to sign Chelsea cast off Juan Mata proved to be just as disappointing in the end. Yes, he is a remarkably talented player, but you get the feeling now that with Angel Di Maria and Falcao in at the club, and a whispered rumour that United might be looking at Jao Moutinho as well, his time is up. The Spaniard was brought in on a tide of excitement and expectation, but he is not the creative influence that Van Gaal seemingly wants, and though he remains at the club for now, it can't be long before he joins the ever increasing list of unwanted players at the club. It looks as if Mata is cursed to repeat the same situation that saw him leave Chelsea, with a manager under-appreciating his skills because of the system he wants to play, and unless the midfielder is willing to cover out wide - or adapt to an entirely new position to him - it's hard to see him as anything other than a substitute. There is still the opportunity for someone to move for Mata on loan last minute, which would be the best option for him if he is indeed going to be left out of the first team picture. But it remains to be seen whether anyone would actually need him. Do you think Van Gaal should persist with Mata and give him an opportunity to play in attacking midfield? Share your thoughts below in the comments thread.
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