Manchester United: 10 Strikers Who Can Succeed Where Falcao Failed

Get your shooting boots on lads, United's calling.


Radamel Falcao had a fantastic goal scoring record everywhere he had been, until he deigned to grace the Premier League with his presence. He arrived to much fanfare, as it had been expected he would trade the beaches of Monaco for the delights of Madrid with the Champions League winners, rather than cold, wet Manchester.

But he surprised everyone by signing at the 11th hour for the Red Devils, and then promptly stopped scoring. Admittedly, yes, he was recovering from an injury when he first arrived, so people didn't expect instant magic. They did, however, expect something. Falcao probably expected more than a few goals this season, but he has spectacularly failed to deliver.

Louis Van Gaal has wisely decided not to take up his purchase option on Falcao, and even the loan fee of £6m looks like a waste of money, as, total wages of about £15.5 million included, his goals have cost United a cool £5,375,000 a pop.

He's on his way back to Monaco now, tail between his legs, and United have begun their search for his replacement. If they are wise, they'll weigh up the options carefully, as they need someone who can truly deliver, week in, week out. 

Van Persie is past his best, and more injury prone than ever, and so whichever new striker United choose, he will have to fill the boots of two players.

Here are 10 players who United could turn to to end their goal scoring woes.


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