Manny Pacquiao - How Manny More Fights?

Juan Manuel Marquez: November 12, 2011 Next up was a familiar face in the man he had fought twice already, Juan Manuel Marquez. Pacquiao won one on a split decision and the other was scored a draw. In this encounter the Filipino claimed victory in highly controversial fashion by majority decision, sending the crowd at the MGM into a chorus of boos as they and many critics felt that Marquez had won the fight.

Timothy Bradley: June 9, 2012 The Filipino€™s next opponent was Timothy Bradley; Pacquiao would have his WBO Welterweight title on the line in a contest which many thought Manny would coast to victory. The Pound for Pound champ bossed the first four rounds and was looking in great shape and in the mood for a knockout; however Manny seemed to take his foot off the gas from this point and coasted to what should have been a unanimous decision from the judges. The judges however, seemed to have been watching a different fight as they awarded a split decision victory to Bradley, more booing ensued after this one. Many analysts called this an example of the corruption that still exists in the sport of Boxing. Sure Pacquiao gained the moral victory, but why did he drop off so much after round four? Did he tire after just 4 rounds? A head scratcher indeed.

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